Helapa is one of the Sri Lankan delicacy that you will find in any where in Sri Lanka. Its made of pure treacle , rice and Kurakkan (Ragi, or finger millet) flour and with freshly grated coconut. But  nothing is better  like the home made ones with lots of love.

I go to my childhood memories all the time I make these beauties. when we were  kids we were asked to find the leaves to make them. To hear that my granny is making them is something that we get over thrilled.  The rule is need to pick the same size leaves . Then we have wash and try them. So after we anxiously wait for the steaming hot halapa. My mum is very old now but she still make them for us when we go there.

I grew up in Galle. Some they make the halapa with coconut and treacle mix in the middle. They mix flour separately and then fill with sweet coconut filling in the middle. I like that way too. The way I made is simple and easy. It saves time too. If you want to make the sweet coconut mix  try my Pancake with a sweet coconut filling . (There I describe how to make the filling.

The way of making these is someones choice. You can make them with kurakkan flour only or can several flours together as I did. The taste is better when you add several flours in to that.

Make sure to steam them until they are well cooked to get the taste and also to keep longer. I had these I made around a week out side in an air tight container. Nothing is better than a halapa with a nice cup of Ceylon tea.


  • 1 cup Rice flour
  • 1 Cup Kurakkan (Ragi) flour
  • 1 Cup White rice flour
  • 1/2 Cup Plain Flour
  • 500g Fresh Coconut
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1/2 Tsp Cardamon powder
  • Enough treacle to bring the mix together


  1. Add all the flours with salt and cardamon powder.
  2. Next add enough  treacle to mix all together.
  3. Make balls and press in to the leaves.
  4. Stack the nicely on a steaming tray and steam them for 10-15 min.
  5. Cool completely on a wire rack.
  6. Store in an air tight container.


අවශ්‍ය  ද්‍රව්‍ය

  • රතු හාල් පිටි කෝප්ප 1යි
  • කුරක්කන්  කෝප්ප 1යි
  • සුදු හාල් පිටි කෝප්ප 1යි
  • පාන් පිටි කෝප්ප 1/2 යි
  • පොල් ග්‍රෑම් 500යි
  • ලුනු ස්වල්පයක්
  • කරදමුංගු තේ හැදි 1/2
  • ගුලි කර ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය පමණ පැනි (සීනි පාවිච්චි කරන්නේ නම් වතුර  අවශ්‍ය පමණ)

සාදන ක්‍රමය

  1. පිටි සියල්ල භාජනයකට දමා ගන්න.
  2. එයට අනිකුත් සියලුම වියලි ද්‍රව්‍ය කලවම් කරගන්න.
  3. පසුව ප.ල් දමා අනාගන්න.
  4. අනතුරුව පැණි දමා ගුලි වන තුරු අනා ගන්න.
  5. කැන්ද කොල වල කුඩා ගුලි තබා තද කරන්න.
  6. වාෂ්පයේ තම්බා ගන්න.
  7. සමිපූර්ණයෙන්ම වාෂ්ප ඉවත්වූ පසු  අසුරා ගන්න.




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