In Sri Lanka avacado grows in almost all the parts. But the most popular is up country. When I was in Galle ( southern part of Sri Lanka) , we had a huge avacado tree in front our house. The avacado were so big and one is too big for one serve. I cant forget what happened to me when I was trying to catch an avocado and it fell on to my nose. I was bleeding All  the way to the house and my mum and dad were  tried hard to stop the bleeding. Finally I was ok but couldn’t go to school for a week as I had a swollen face ……hah ha….



  • 1 Large Avacado
  • Several ice cubes
  • Several scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • Milk
  • Vanilla
  • Sugar


  1. Scoop the avacado in to a mixer and add the ice cubes.
  2. Then add milk,vanilla ice cream.
  3. Whisk 1 minute.
  4. Add a scoop of ice cream on the top.


අලිගැට පේර බීම

අවශ්‍ය ද්‍රව්‍ය

  • ලිගැට පේර ගෙඩි එකක්
  • අවශ්‍ය ප්‍රමාණයට කිරි
  • වැනිලා ස්වල්පයක්
  • අයිස් කැට ස්වල්පයක්
  • වැනිලා අයිස් ක්‍රීම්
  • සීනි අවශ්‍ය පමණ

සාදන ක්‍රමය

  1. අලි පේර ගෙඩිය සූරා බ්ලෙන්ඩරයකට දමාගන්න.
  2. එයට අයිස් කැට, සීනි, වැනිලා සහ කිරි එකතු කරන්න.
  3. පසුව වීදුරැවකට දමා අයිස් ක්‍රීම් එකතු කර පිළි ගන්වන්නග

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<p>Hi, I am Menaka. I was a teacher for 18 years and after migrating to Australia accidentally I found an amazing lady called ” Mary” who directed me to become a chef.I studied 3 years while working and became a qualified chef. After I studied about baking and hospitality management.<br /> My son is very enthusiastic in video editing and wanted me to start recording my cooking.Thats the beginning of you tube channel “The Culinary Corner”<br /> I am a full time employee. I record all the videos by my self.<br /> As a child I started helping and cooking with my granny and I used to experiment and trying various cooking styles. That led me in this path very smoothly. I still try to experiment and adjust recipes to move with this busy and globalised world.</p>

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