Asian Style Sweet Custard Buns

I had my dream to bake different types of bread and sweets. So I studied about baking after I got qualified as a chef. Whats the use of keeping all the secrets to my self. So I thought of doing videos. Then people requested to write the recipes. I have a very limited time to myself now. Before I go to work I try to wake up early and try to write at least one recipe a day.

Every time I go passing the Asian bread shops I get cravings to have these beautiful soft breads. When you bake them at home you can eat as many as you like.

There are lots of methods with this water roux . Most recipes call for leaving the roux in fridge for 12 hours or over night. But for me I take making buns with out planning. So I use it 15 minutes after making and it works like a magic.

Kneading the bread for longer makes the buns more softer and elastic. If you don’t like to add milk powder or if you can’t find milk powder add the same amount of flour equal to milk powder. Instead of water then you can use warm milk. It gives the same taste. As this a sweet dough milk  powder or milk gives the creaminess to the dough. When doing the custard make sure to cook on a low heat and keep on stirring until you take it off the stove.

These buns can be kept for 3 days in fridge and its not suitable for freezing.

Lets make the buns


For the roux

  • 30g Flour
  • 130ml Water

For the Buns

  • 480g Bread flour
  • 80g caster Sugar
  • 40g Milk powder
  • 8g instant dry Yeast
  • 5g Salt
  • 1 Egg
  • 180ml Warm water
  • 45g Butter at room temperature

For the Custard

  • 500ml Milk
  • 60g Butter
  • 4 Egg yolks
  • 100g Sugar
  • 60g Corn Flour
  • Vanilla
  • 1g Salt


  1. Make the roux. Add flour to cool water and mix well until there are no lumps.
  2. Cook on the stove or in the microwave until thickens.
  3. Leave to cool down.
  4. Prepare the ingredients for the buns.
  5. Add flour , milk powder, salt, sugar, prepared roux , yeast in to the mixing bowl with butter and mix well.
  6. After add the water little by little  to make a smooth dough.
  7. Knead about 20-25 min.
  8. Leave the dough in a greased bowl in a warm place  to double in size.
  9. Meanwhile prepare the custard.
  10. Add the milk butter, yolks, sugar, vanilla,  salt and corn flour into a pot and whisk well,
  11. Cook on the stove stirring continuously until it becomes glossy and thick.
  12. Take off and leave to cool down.
  13. When the dough is ready take out and punch  and put on to the bench top.
  14. Hand knead about 2 minutes .
  15. Cut in to equal size pieces.
  16. Roll and put the custard in. Leave on a baking tray to double in size.
  17. Brush with eggs and bake on 180c about 20-30 minutes or until golden brown on top.
  18. Serve hot or microwave few seconds before serving.
  19. Can leave 3 days in fridge.











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