Sandwich Basics to do Your Own Cafe Style.

Gather everything close to you. if you are a daily sandwich user try preparing everything in small containers already prepared. Try putting absorbent papers under the tomatoes to drain excess liquid. Same can apply with cucumber. Avocado goes brown. Always cut them fresh.  Lettuce needs to wash well to remove the mud off. Use a salad spinner to take the excess water out. Store well.

Spreads vary from person to person. You can use butter , margarine or can make with out any spread too. but the butter or margarine always keep it stopping becoming wet making a barrier on the bread. And also helps to give flavour as well as a crunchier crust when you toast them.

Meat always you choice. Sliced meat suits better than pulled meat in a sandwich. One thing is its easier to stack them. Even you can use the left overs from the roast.

As sandwich condiments you can use mayo, mustard, , pickles, relish, pesto  etc………

Using the bread for a sandwich is up to you. I like dark breads or a mixer of white and dark together.You can stack the sandwich with several layers too. When  I choose I always try to go for a better loaf or I make my own.  Hope now you have a better Idea. So lets start…………..

Gather everything closer to you. make sure to to put them back to the fridge ASAP after making the sandwich.
Choose the bread to your liking.   lay on a chopping board.
Spread the butter or margarine evenly to cover all the ends too.
After put the meat  on the buttered layer . (This way it prevents leaking vegetable juices all over the bread.
Add cheese if you are adding any.
Start adding vegetables.
If you find tomatoes wet use a paper towel to dry a bit unless you are consuming the same time.
spread the condiments.
Add avocados. You can use canned beetroot too. But make sure to dry them.
Finish with lettuce. That way both sides are covered well.
Cover with the other slice of bread. Press well.
Cut in to two. Or serve as it is or toast it if you like a toasties.  make sure spread butter or margarine on the out side of the bread to get a nice colour.


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