Beer Battered Flathead

Fried fish always tastes nicer. Fried fish can be done in different ways. This is one way of doing fish in a batter. When I was an an apprentice I got more than hundred pieces of fish to fry on Fridays. I loved to fry fish. Only thing I didn’t like was to stand near the fryer.

There are different types of fish that you can use for frying. Flathead is the best out of all. One thing is really easy to cook. The other is the flavour. Once fried its really nice and crunchy.

I am using 500 g Flathead for this recipe. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice on to the fish and mix well to season.

Add plain flour on to the fish and coat with flour. In a separate bowl Add 1 cup of flour and a bottle of beer . Mix the flour and beer well.

I always season the batter with a bit of stock powder.Then the batter tastes better. meanwhile mix the flour with the fish well.

Put a pot of oil on the stove. Put the fish in the batter. When you take it out make sure to drain excess batter out. Fry the fish in oil turning until golden brown .


Serve hot with chips.

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