Hamburger Rolls

Hamburger rolls are so simple and easy to make. From the money you buy 6 you can make 15 with out a problem. All you need is a bit of patience. I always do a larger batch and leave in freezer to use later.

Making bread at home is a good way of not having any preservatives and unnecessary amounts of sugar and oil. The other thing is tastes much better than a shop bought.

This recipe will do 12-15 buns. you can always multiply or divide this to get larger or smaller batches.



2 thoughts on “Hamburger Rolls

  1. Hi menaka, I'm truly intrigued by your story. I try your recipes very often . only your tea bun recipe didn't work for me so far. It went too light after it was mixed. We don't get good bread flour but only wheat Flour. So it might be that as I really don't know. Ur lucky to have a son .I have only three daughters. I wish you all the success!
    1. Thanks Nilu. I will be in SL soon and find more different baking. Be with me. I might do the fruit buns again differently to suit plain flour.

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