Mango & Sultana Chutney

Mangoes can be cooked as a curry or as a chutney too. Chutneys can be kept for longer period.If you have a tree and you want to save them for future use this works better. Earlier days my grandmother use to dry them with salt and keep them on  ” Dum massa” where smoke protects them for longer.

This chutney will stay more than six months in well sealed jars. When you preserve you need to remember to clean and dry your bottles and lids well as well as no wet things at all. All you use should be well cleaned and dry.

Get good quality fresh mangoes for this recipe. Wash and dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth. After cut into cubes.

Add sugar and salt to the quantity you are using and cover well and  leave overnight. You can do the same day too.

The next day prepare mustard, (I used wholegrain mustard in bottles) sugar, and salt, garlic to your taste and ginger. I used apple cider vinegar as it has lots of health benefits. The more the vinegar and sugar means you can keep longer.

Get enough chilli powder and all the ingredients in to processor and process them until no pieces at all.

Add the processed vinegar mix in to a pot. (Clay pot the best)  Add more sugar to it. Get enough sultana to it. I added a lot.

Add the mangoes in to the pot where the processed vinegar mix and bring to boil and add sultana. Simmer 10 minutes until the mangoes are slightly tender.

Add the hot mix directly in to the jars.Cover quickly (Make sure to clean the rims of the jar with a clean and a dry cloth. )  Leave in a cupboard to mature. After a week can start eating.


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