Ambarella Curry

I was in Sri Lanka for a short holiday and got chance of having lots of vegetables I missed. Ambarella is one of them. These are really good well matured Ambarella.

Those old days we only had only one kind of Ambarella Now there are different varieties. Still I prefer the taste of the real fruit than any other variety. We used to eat the fruit directly from the tree when we were kids. Now its different. I dont think even the kids now a days enjoy the life as we did.

You can eat Ambarella as a curry or as a sweet . When you want to eat them raw try adding salt and chillie or salt and sugar. It is so yummy.

This recipe is a copycat of my mother in Laws recipe. She cooks them so beautifully. To tell you the truth my one is the same as hers. I have copied it very well. ūüėÄ

This recipe will serve 5 people.

Get the good well matured Ambarella . I am serving 2 per person.

Take the skin out using  a sharp small knife.

Wash them well

I normally dont devide them. I cut across several times to let the fruit absorb all the flavours when cooked.

These are the ingredients I used , 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 4 cloves chopped garlic, one onion finely sliced, several chillies,curry  leaves and rampe (Pandan Leaves)

Add oil in to a pan. Leave it to be hot.

Add the chopped ingredients in to the hot oil. Stir well.

When the onions are translucent add chillie powder to your taste with salt. I added 1 teaspoon full chilli powder.

After add the Ambarella  in to the pot.

Cook stirring continuously with the Ambarella few minutes.

Add water to the pot . I always add water until it covers the Ambarella. Cook on a low heat until the Ambarella is well cooked and gravy is thick.

 Check salt and add sugar. I added 1 table spoon full sugar. Sugar always balance the acidity of the curry.


Serve hot with bread, rice or even flat breads.

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