Black Chicken Curry

This chicken curry is the old style of making a chicken curry. Those old days we haven’t had many recipes for cooking chicken as we do now. Mainly most cooked the chicken as a black curry. To make it darker the roasted curry powder being used with pepper and goraka or tamarind. The curry powder I used is slightly roasted not very dark. If you like a really black curry add more roasted curry powder or very darkly roasted curry powder.

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This recipe will serve 4-6 people.

I used a broiler chicken cut in to larger pieces. Its about 1 kg. Wash the chicken well and put in to a pot.

Prepare everything need for the chicken. I used a small onion finely sliced, several cloves of garlic, several green chillies  split in to two and curry leaves, pandan (Rampe)  leaves, cinnamon, cloves, cardamons, and some tamarind. For the spices I used 1 and a half table spoon full of roasted curry powder, 1 teaspoon pepper and enough salt to your taste.

Add the spices and the chillies and onions with all the herbs on to the chicken.

Mix well. Add enough water to cook the chicken.

Cook until the chicken is well cooked.  Serve with rice , bread or flat breads or even bread.

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