Bombeli (Bombay Duck) Stir Fry

Bombay duck or Bombeli is a dry fish  commonly found in Sri Lanka. When you buy them try to buy the very fresh looking Bombay ducks. Clean the heads and tail and the fins. Cut in to two inch pieces. Then wash well. I washed more than 8 times until the water is clear. Its really easy to wash if you soak them well.

For this recipe I used about 200 g Bombay ducks. I cut that in to long 2-3 inch pieces & washed throughly.

After  added some chillie powder and salt to the Bombeli. Mix well to coat.

Add some oil in to a pan. Add the bombeli in to the oil and stir fry until; crunchy.

Meanwhile cut some onions and chilles and curry leaves. Add in to the fried bombeli. Stir fry well.

After add some lemon juice to finish off. Serve withrice or even bread.

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