Broccoli with coconut (Broccoli Mallum)

Broccoli is not a very common vegetable in Sri Lanka.But it is available in up countries in Sri Lanka. The weather is perfect for broccoli there only. So its only in leading super markets only.

But those who are overseas use broccoli in different ways. Broccoli Mallum or with coconut is one of them. This is one way I cook broccoli. Try this way an you will love it for sure. The coconut with broccoli gives it rich creamier taste too.

This recipe is for 500g Broccoli. When you buy broccoli try to bur large heads with short stems. I finely slice the tender stem too. Never throw the stem. Slice it finely. Wash the broccoli under running water several times.
Cut the stems and the florets in to medium size pieces.
Cut garlic, onion, and some fresh chillies finely. the chillies are always optional.
I am using half a cup of coconut. Fresh coconut is the best. But I used desiccated coconut. I will tell you a trick if you are using desiccated coconut. In to the desiccated coconut add several spoons cold water and microwave it two minutes. It becomes like fresh coconut. Use that in Mallum. That way it tastes much better.
Add about a table spoon full oil in to a pan. Bring it to high heat.
Several dried red chillies cut in to two or as whole with some mustard seeds in to the hot oil until it starts spluttering.
Then add onions, garlic, and some chillies in to it.
Mix really well and fry for several minutes.
Add the chopped broccoli.
Stir fry on high heat less than a minute.
next add the coconut.
Stir fry another minute.
Don’t over cook the broccoli it looses its colour and look very bad . Add some lemon juice and serve with plain rice.
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