Cafe Style Banana & Chocolate Muffins

I love banana in any type of a cake. These muffins are one of my favourite muffins. You can do them in a larger batch and freeze them like I do. When ever you want them its there for you in freezer.
These are good for kids lunch boxes too. Add less sugar if you don’t mind. You can cut them in half and serve with cream or ice cream too. These are cafe style muffins and they are really large. You can do them in small muffin pans too If you do them in regular ones you will get 24 muffins or more. So divide the recipe by 2 to get a smaller batch.

To get the recipe for making your own  self raising flour click here

To see how to line baking trays click here



Semolina and Yogurt Cake

Semolina cakes are nice , crumbly and  moist. Adding yogurt to this cakes makes it very rich and creamy in flavour too. This cake is an ideal base for decorating too. It comes fully flat in shape and you don’t need to trim at all.

You can freeze this with out a problem. All you need to do is to put in bags. I personally like the snap lock bags  and I freeze individually. So when you feel like something sweet or a dessert you can have them. Just thaw them in microwave to get to the normal temperature.




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Marbled Butter Cake

This marbled butter cake is the simplest butter cake you can try in few minutes. For a sudden visit of a guest or a colour full birthday cake try this recipe. The results  are guaranteed 100%.

I did this small cake for a friend who visited us recently. They all loved the cake a lot. The texture is really moist and soft. You can freeze this cake for several months. Cut the cake in to portions you like to serve and freeze them in individual bags for easy thawing. It stays in fridge several days or about one week and will stay out side about 3 -4 days.

The left overs of this cake can be served with cream or ice cream or even a s a dessert. Kids will love the texture, taste and also the colours of this if you use this as a birthday cake. You can also do mini loaves for a FETE or even for school fundraisers.





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How to Line baking Trays

Baking trays comes in different styles and shapes. Not only that it comes in different materials too. Aluminium, metal, foil, silicone and Teflon (non stick) are some of them. Still I prefer to line them with baking papers and also with butter and flour.

There are several ways of lining a baking tray.

  1. covering with butter completely and then put flour in and cover the whole tray. This is an old method but it works well.
  2. Lining with baking paper is the second method.
  3. Spraying the non stick pans is another way.

I have done a video on this due to the requests of the beginners and hope that it will give them an idea.Below I have attached all the pictures and the video  as an easy guide.






Blueberry & Custard Tea Cake

Blueberries are very nice in cakes. This can be served as a dessert too.  I always add extra blueberries in this cake.  If you want to serve this cake as a dessert use whipping cream or custard to serve. Its really nice with a scoop of ice cream too.








Madeira Cake

Madeira cake is a really moist  cake that is very simple to make. The texture is very similar to a butter cake. Traditionally , lemon is added to the cake. So With the same recipe you can do two different types of cakes. Adding lemon zest gives a tangy fresh flavour.

This cake a real treat for an afternoon tea or even to go with a good tasting coffee. This can be done a day before for more flavour. freeze this cake up to three months . You can slice as you wish and pack in individual bags for  easy thawing.





Marie Biscuit Pudding with a Twist

Marie biscuit pudding is an all time favourite in Sri Lanka. We enjoyed this  as kids  a lot. Still I love this. Its so simple and easy to make and also ready in 10 minutes.

There are things that you need to know. Adding an egg will not do any harm as the hot butter will cook the egg. In video I mean cooking as the curdling of the egg, That’s why you need to keep on stirring for a longer time while adding the hot butter. I have done another recipe before and this is the updated version of it.

The other thing to remember is that you can double the liquid for   covering the biscuits with out adding chocolate at all.

I have uploaded several pictures of the finish product and how to freeze in individual snack bags. You can always freeze this dessert in snack bags to please kids or your guests later too. Thaw it before serving or take out the day before and leave in fridge to take the next day.

Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card (1).png







Spongy Pillow Cake

No wonder why these beautiful cakes got this name. They are so spongy and very light like a feather. Its worth trying this recipe at least once to see how it looks like. I always add less sugar in my recipes. If you like to add more please feel frr to add more sugar.

I did this cake in small loaf pans. But you can always use a larger tray for this. This can be kept in a fridge for a longer time too. Other than that you can freeze the cake with out a problem.




Brown Cream Cookies General Recipe Card.png





Strawberry Short Cake

Strawberries are in season and really cheap too. Try doing different styles of baking with the seasonal fruit. This is a very simple dessert that you can do in half an hour if you have everything in hand. This will be a best idea for a quick dessert .

I did this for a friend who visited us recently. So simple but really elegant on the plate. Nice crunchy short cakes with beautiful fresh strawberries in the middle with the mascarpone cheese made this a tasty dessert to please them all.

The only thing you need to know when making this is not to  bake the short cakes until brown. Then it will be hard to cut it well. So make sure to take them out when just ready.

See the pictures  below the recipe…………………..





Brown Cream Cookies General Recipe Card (1)


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