Carnival Bows – Crunchy Sweet Snack

These tiny little bows are really yummy. They are not very sweet. Thats why added icing on top. They are just right to go with a nice cup of coffee.

When you make them make sure to pack them in air tight containers or in bags to keep them fresh and crispy.  You can keep them for about one week . If you like it more sweeter add some sugar in to the mix.

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Microwave Nut Brittle

Nut Brittle in the Microwave Ingredients 225g Nuts 200g Raw Sugar 1 Tsp vanilla 200g Corn Syrup/ Glucose syrup 12g Bicarb Pinch of Salt 50g Butter Method Add sugar, Glucose syrup,Salt, and the nut and microwave it about 6 min while stirring occasionally. After add butter,vanilla, baking soda quickly and pour in to the tray.…

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Croatian Wafer cake / Slice (Oblate)

This slice once brought to work by a Croatian colleague and it was a hit. So after appreciation I got this beautiful recipe that will take you to another world. its so easy and simple no bake recipe. take only few minutes to assemble. There are several advantage of this recipe. Can make a big…

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