Cauliflower bites

Cauliflower is better fried than anything. You can fry them in different batters. One of them is the Indian style chickpea batter.  My kids always request this if they see me cleaning a cauliflower head. You can use this as a snack or as a side or even with rice.

This from one cauliflower head. Cut and clean the outer leaves and cut the cauliflower in florets. Gather everything you need.

I used a tsp chilli powder, 1/4 tsp pepper, and salt to taste. Other than that you will need about 500 ml milk. Add all the in spices with 2 tablespoon full flour in to the milk. mix well.

I used about 1 cup and a half chick pea flour. (Kadala Piti) mix well. You can always add more flour or chick pea flour to get it to the right consistency.

Add more spices to cauliflower if you like.Put several in batter.

Add enough oil to fry in to a pan  and add cauliflower florets one by one to it.

Fry until golden brown. Serve hot.





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