Cheese Koththu

Koththu roti is famous street food  in Sri Lanka.You can buy a koththu roti from any where you travel.  There are several types of Koththu roti. They are made of cheese, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat etc. I heard recently that they have created different version recently. ????

The vegetables and meat used in Koththu is different from place to place. The common vegetables are leeks, carrots, cabbage. I used capsicums too. The  home made is the best. I will write about doing godamba roti soon Godamba roti is the main ingredient (Roti ) used here.

If you are living overseas try this with paratha , or Malaysian roti Canai.

I used cabbage, leeks, carrot, capsicum for the koththu.

I cut several roti’s in to tiny long strips. When you cut the roti make sure to roll them. Then it is so easy to slice.

Prepare onion, curry leaves, garlic and ginger finely chopped. Always keep them around already prepared when you start doing Koththu.

Add butter or oil in to a wok or a grill plate. Add the onions and garlic in to it. Stir fry really well. The pan or wok should be on high heat.

Add the vegetables. Stir fry on high heat.

After add the cheese stir and add the sliced roti. Sit well.



Serve hot as it is or with gravy or sauce.

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