Chicken curry with out Coconut milk.

I am using 500g Chicken here.When you buy chicken make sure to buy fresh chicken always. Cut the chicken in to small pieces. When you cut small it absorb all the flavours and makes it taste better.
Chop some small onoin, or an onion, and garlic with ginger, Curry leaves, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and some chillies. Cardamons better when you crush it a bit before adding to the chicken.
Always spices you can adjust to your taste. I added 1 tsp full chillie powder, 1 table spoon full corriander powder, 1/2 tsp cumin owder, pinch turmeric powder, with 1 tsp pepper.
Add all the spices on to the chicken.
Add salt to your taste. Mix the chicken with the spices. I use to mix about a minute. and leave about half an hour to marinate. This way chicken absorb all the flavours.
Add about a table spoon full oil in to a pan.
Add the chopped onions and all the other spices in to the oil.
Fry until translucent. It releases the aroma from the spices.
Add the marinated chicken in to the oil and stir fry several minutes.
Ad some tomatoes or 1/2 tsp vinegar or tamarind in to the chicken. Let it cook on simmer in its own juices about 45 minutes.
Its ready. take out and serve with rice, roti or even bread.
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