Chinese Chilli Paste from Scratch

Chinese chilli paste is really popular in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans Love this sweet, tangy  and spicy chilli paste to accompany with most Chinese and Sri Lankan dishes. I always make my own with scratch. You can keep this for a longer period. If you do a larger batch of chilli paste make sure to put them in serialised jars.

When you cook different rice dishes as one pot meals can add a spoon or two chilli paste  to  make it look  appealing and to give zing. I always use the fresh school prawns (Tiny prawns) in this. You can always use dried shrimp in this too. The chilli paste should contain pieces of prawns too. Never powder the prawns for chilli paste. The authentic Chinese chilli paste has a nice crunchy pieces of prawns.

To tell you the truth I even like the chilli paste on a piece of toast or even on a cracker.  Shh …… 😀

I bought 500 g  of school prawns for this recipe. Add about a cup of oil in to a pan. Always use a light oil like corn or rice bran oil. Let the oil to be hot. It should reach to high. Add a prawn to test. Deep fry the prawns until golden brown.

Take the prawns out and put them on paper towels to drain the excess oil. After add the prawns in to a grinder or  a food processor and process it until its tiny pieces as shown in the picture below.

Prepare the prawns and the pieces of chilli in  separate bowls. I normally add 1 cup chillies to one cup processed prawns.

Other than that you will need one large onion or several shallots (Rathu Loonu)  One whole garlic i  inch ginger, enough salt to the taste with sugar to your taste.Prepare one cup of oil and a 1/2 cup of vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar)

Add the onions, garlic, ginger and salt in to a food processor and add the vinegar in to it. Process everything until its fine.

Put the oil in to a pan and bring it to a high heat. When the oil is hot add the processed onions in to the hot oil.  Stir fry the onions very well until fragrant and slightly golden  brown.

When the onion mix is add the chilli flakes. Reduce the heat and mix well.

Fry the chillies slightly and add the sugar. Add the processed prawns in to it and stir fry well.

After switch off the pan but keep on string well. Later add in to sterilised jars.


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