Coconut Roti / Pol Roti

I love coconut roti with freshly grated coconut. Thats one of my childhood favourites. But still I love it with even nothing. Its really a tasty roti that can be served as a breakfast, lunch or as a snack. It can be done in different ways. This is the basic roti. When you use coconut for roti try to get medium ripped coconut to get extra creaminess as well as less fat. Serve with katta Sambol or Lunu Miris

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To make coconut roti for 4 people (depends on how many you are going to eat) This will serve 1 roti for each. you will need 2 cups of plain flour with one cup freshly grated coconut, salt to your taste, and some water. If you are using desiccated coconut you will need more water.
Add the flour and all the dry ingredients in to a mixing bowl.
Add water little by little to make a smooth soft dough. You can always hand knead this. I always use my mixer.
When it start forming up to dough stop adding water. Knead several minutes to see how you are going. when you come to consistency that its not sticking to your fingers its ready. If you have mistakenly added a lot water add a bit more flour to adjust to the  right consistency.
Put the on to aa bench, a board or a large banana leaf and divide the dough to the size you are going to make. After make balls out.
Flatten the roti and shape the edges.
I always have a seperate pan for roti. So put the pan on the stove. Leave it to be hot. Put the roti on to the middle and cook until golden brown.
Turn to the other side and cook until golden brown.
Serve with a curry, Katta Sambol or Lunumiris. Kids love with a banana or jam and butter.


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