As a Sri Lankan, Coconut is one of my life time favourite. I add coconut in all my cooking. Though I am away from my beautiful Island my memories with coconut is the same. I found a nice fresh coconut in the market recently and thought of doing a coconut salad or a coconut sambol out of it.

The whole world is talking about the health benefits of the coconut. I have consumed coconut my whole life. So this is a really simple and easy way of eating fresh coconut. You can always adjust the level of chillies in this recipe. Garlic, green chillies curry leaves and Maldive fish added to this sambol too. Always they are personnel choices.

Sri Lankan serve this Salad with plain rice for breakfast and with bread or flat bread as an accompaniment too.

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This recipe is for 4-6 people.

All you need to make a fresh coconut salad is about 1 cup freshly grated coconut, 1 tsp -2 lime or lemon juice, 1 salad onion or several shallots, 1 table spoon full Maldive fish flakes (Optional) 1 clove garlic (Optional) and salt to the taste.

Add all the ingredients in to the mortar. If not you can use a processor. Crush well until it grinds well and becomes  smooth paste.

In to that paste or the crushed chilli mix add the cup of fresh coconut and mix well. or grind well. Left overs should go in to the fridge as it can get spoiled quickly with hot weather.