Deep Fried Ash Plantain /Badapu Alukesel Curry

Though we donot get the ash plantains here in Australia  I thought of doing one when I visited Sri Lanka for those who are keen in cooking Sri Lankan food. Instead of Ash Plantains always you can adjust with cooking Bananas.

Sri Lanka is a country that you can find different varieties of bananas. Even for cooking you can get different varieties. These specific one is called as ash plantains due to the misty out side like ash on the skin of these banans. Ones cooked the taste is really creamy and beautiful.

To go with this I always cook fish . My mom used cook  a creamy ash plantain curry to go with ambulthiyal or spicy fish dish. You can get all the recipes under the step by step guide to Sri Lankan food.

This recipe will serve 4 – 6  people.

This is about 500g Ash Plantains. Remove the skin and cut the banans across and then divide each to 4 – 6 pieces. When you are cutting banans make sure to put them in to water always to avoid browning.

Add oil in to a pan and leave the oil to be hot. Add the banans in to the hot oil and fry until golden brown.







Add onions cinnamon, maldive fish flakes green chillies curry leaves and rampe in to a pot.







Add 1/4 TSp chillie powder, 1/2 tsp curry powder, pinch turmeric powder salt aand coconut milk. (I added 1/2 Cup)

Put the fried Ash Plantains and cook on a low heat. serve hot with rice.





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