Deep Fried Spicy Sardines


Buy Fresh Sardines, This recipe is for 8 large sardines.


Clean the heads and guts with the side fins.Wash throughly under running water several times. Scale the fish.


Prepare the spices. Will need 1-2 limes for juicing, enough salt, 1.2 tsp pepper, chillie powder, curry powder and a pinch of turmeric powder. Add lime juice in to the spices and make a paste. Then rub the fish throughly with the paste. Leave to marinate about 1/2 an hour.


After add some flour. I used about a2 tablespoon full. Rub again. This way it holds the spices like a coating.


So leave it again about 10 minutes to coat. The outer flour coating will givve an extra crunch to the fish with more flavour.


Add some oil in to a pan. Leave it to be hot. to check whether the oil is hot add a piece of bread in to the oil. If it comes up frying its ready to use.


Fry one side on a low heat. When you fry fish on low heat it gives a nice crunchy outer skin to the fish.


Then turn to the other side. Fry both sides until golden brown.


The fish is ready for serving. This can be served a snack or as a bite for a beer. Or can be served with rice and curry.
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