Koththu roti is famous street food  in Sri Lanka.You can buy a koththu roti from any where you travel.  There are several types of Koththu roti. They are made of cheese, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat etc. I heard recently that they have created different versions  of Koththu roti recently. 😀

The vegetables and meat used in Koththu is different from place to place. The common vegetables are leeks, carrots, cabbage. I used capsicums too. The  home made is the best. I will write about doing godamba roti soon Godamba roti is the main ingredient (Roti ) used here.

If you are living overseas try this with paratha , or Malaysian roti Canai.

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I cut several roti’s in to tiny long strips. When you cut the roti make sure to roll them. Then it is so easy to slice.

Prepare chillie flakes , a pinch curry powder, onion, curry leaves, garlic , ginger and 2 eggs per each person. Always keep them around already prepared when you start doing Koththu.


Add butter or oil in to a wok or a grill plate. Add the onions and garlic in to it. Stir fry really well. The pan or wok should be on high heat.