Fish Ambulthiyal Method 01

Fish Ambulthiyal is a very famous fish dish all over Sri Lanka. The recipe is different from district to district. So I thought of doing them and I named this recipe as 01 because of that.

Here I did this recipe how my grandmother used to cook & learnt it as the best Ambulthiyal. But I like fish what ever the way they being cooked as I grew up having fish every day for my meals.

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Tuna is the best fish for this kind of a dish. Buy the fresh Tuna all the time.  This recipe is for 400g Tuna.
Use about 1 tea spoon full salt, 2-3 Goraka, 1 Tsp Pepper and 1 tablespoon full dark curry powder or / Kalukudu.
Add all in to a grinder or a processor.Add about 2-3 table spoon full water. If you use the grinding stone no water needed.
Add all in to the fish. Mix well and put it on a stove and cook uncovered until no liquid. Don’t use a spoon at all. Make sure to cook on the lowest flame.
After it should be like this or should be very dry. Serve with rice and curry.


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