Fried Lotus Root Salad

Lotus roots are really nice as a curry  (Lotus root curry)(or even as a salad. My mum used to deep fry them and make a beautiful salad. This is a copy cat of that. Even lotus roots are nice when deep fried after seasoning with salt. This is a simple way of eating lotus root.

When you select the lotus root make sure to get the once covered both sides. If not they looks bad with lots of mud inside. peel and slice them make sure to wash thoroughly.  there are frozen lotus root packets in leading supermarkets now.


This is about 250 g lotus root. Clean and cut in to discs. Season with salt and leave to marinate about 15 minutes.

Add about 11/2 cups of oil in to a pan and leave the oil to be very hot. Depp fry them until golden brown.

Once you fry them its really nice. Prepare the ingredients for the salad. One large salad onion chopped finely or sliced finely, several green chillies finely sliced with a large tomato sliced.

For this salad you will need lemon or lime with enough salt to your taste. Add the lime juice in to a bowl with salt and pepper and mix well.

After add the onions , chilli and tomato. Mix well and add the fried lotus root and mix well. Serve with rice.

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