Hoppers (Appa)

Hoppers  are one of the main street foods you will see in Sri Lanka. From the 5 star to the smallest cafe its available almost all the time. Always ask for the hot hoppers. They are vey crunchy and flavourful. There are several variations of hoppers. One is plain , the other is with treacle called Pani Appa. You can ask them to make egg hoppers for you too. They break one egg to the plain hopper that I have described here and then season with salt and pepper.

Normally they serve the plain hoppers with Katta Sambol or Lunu Miris.  (A salad made with hot chillies)

I always follow my recipe which is much easier to make at home and also can enjoy anytime you feel like. After making hoppers if you have left over batter put in fridge and use it the next day.

Doing this recipe you can easily mix with coconut milk directly with out adding any water.

Here I have done for four people.

I used 2 packets of rice flour, 700g.4g Instant dry yeast, 1 Tsp sugar. If you cant find the yeast add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda. 1-2 cans coconut milk.


Add yeast , sugar on to the flour with salt.
Add coconut milk directly in to the flour. If you don’t live in a warm climate you can always warm up coconut milk. It should be like 30c.
Grease the pan well.
Mix really well and leave to activate.
After 30 minutes onwards,It will start giving air bubbles. Then take out & mix well again .Its ready to make hoppers.
Put the hopper pan on the stove and add a drop of sesame oil in to it. Sesame oil ease the hopper from the pan than normal oil. It gives a better flavour too.
Put a spoon full of hopper batter  in to the pan.
Turn it around the pan to cover the whole pan. (Lift the pan and turn in a circular motion)
Cover the pan with a lid. Cook on medium heat about one minute.
Take out from the pan.
It has to be nice  and crispy around  and should have a softer middle and crispier rim.
Serve Hot with Katta Sambol or Lunu Miris.


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