Katta Sambol

Katta sambol is made with dried fresh chillies, and Maldive fish flakes. After adding onion and lemon juice with salt make it a beautiful spicy reddish salad to accompany milk rice or Kiribath.

There is another salad called Lunumiris. Thats also similar but no Maldive fish flakes. Its the vegetarian version.


This is to make Katta sambol for 4-6 people. 1-2 table spoon full Maldive fish Flakes, enough salt to your taste, Juice of a lime (about 1-2 table spoon ) 1-2 Tablespoon full chillie flakes. (Always you can adjust the chillies to your taste), Salad onion or red onions. The more the nicer.
Add chillie flakes or whole red dried chillies to a mortar or in to a grinder.
After add the salt.
Next add the Maldive fish flakes.
Add onions too. If you are using the larger salad onions make sure to slice them before adding in to the mortar.
Use the pestle to crush. 
Squeeze the lemon or lime juice.
Take out and mix well.
Serve with milk rice. 
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