Kurakkan Roti/Ragi ???????? ????

Kurakkan is called as finger millet in English.  In India its called as Ragi. Kurakkan is loaded with a high protein content, minerals and fibre. And it helps to fight cancer as well as diabetes.

When I started my job as a teacher in 1990 I got my appointment to a very rural village in Medamahanuwara called as Doraliyadda.  The villagers used to grow Kurakkan for their living. They always had two meals per day only as the meals made of Kurakkan fill them up from morning to night until they come back from their farms. It fills you up and no need any more food. Its that heavy due to the high protein content.

If you want to do the kurakkan roti by its own its a bit hard to do and rough too. So add  a bit of plain flour to it to make it easy to work with.

This recipe will make 4 roti. .

Add two cups of kurakkan flour in to a bowl.

Add one cup of plain flour in to it. (You can always change it your taste) I added 1 and a 1/2 cup of coconut in to it.

Add the coconut on to the flour and add enough salt to the taste.

Add enough water to the mix and make a dough ball mixing it well.

Divide the dough in to four.  Take one out and add some extra flour. and make the royi.

Put a pan on the stove and cook the roti,

Make sure to cook both sides until golden brown. Serve with a curry.

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