Leeks & Coconut Roti

Roti with coconut is famous all around Sri Lanka from rich to poor. Fresh coconut are every where. Making a roti as a quick snack or as a main meal is really simple. If you can add a bit of vegetables to it it makes more tastier as well nutritious. Adding leeks to a roti makes it more oniony and savoury too.

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This recipe will serve 4 People. Take two cups of plain flour, salt, water and 1 cup of grated or desiccated coconut. Slice the green part of the leek. If you like to add a spicy twist to that add some finely chopped green chillies in to the leeks.

Add the coconut, salt, in to the flour with water. I used my mixer. You can hand knead or or use the food processor too. Which ever the way to make a good  roti you need to knead it until its not sticking on to your fingers.,

When you knead add water slowly. Incase if you find its a bit sticky add more flour or if it is hard add a bit more water. (Simple as that)

After add the leeks. This step you need to hand knead. If you use the machine it will crush the leeks and taste will be completely different.

After cut the dough in to four equal parts. Make balls out from that. Flatten each ball to make a roti.

Cook on both sides until golden brown. Serve hot with a curry or as it is.

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