Lentil Curry with Spinach

Lentil curry one of the creamiest curry. It can be cooked in several ways. My mum used to add spinach to it to make more tastier. You can use baby spinach or Ceylon spinach for this recipe.

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This recipe will serve 4 People. Take 1/2 cup of red lentils and soak it about 5 minutes. Soaking makes it easy to wash. Wash several times until the water is clear.

I used 1 tsp curry powder, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, and a pinch chillie powder. I also cut one onion, several cloves of garlic and some chillies. I didn’t add any curry leaves or pandan leaves to this curry as it get mix with leaves(Spinach). Wash hand full of spinach and leave to drain the excess water.

Add all the spices and herbs  in to the lentils and add one and half  cup of water. Cook well. Add about half a cup of thick coconut milk and cook until thickens. Make sure to cook to leave the shape of the lentils. (Don’t Over cook)

When the gravy start thickening add the spinach mix well and turn off the stove. Make sure not to over cook greens.


I always cook the lentil to keep the shape of it. If not the curry looks very soggy and mushy. Don’t add too much water to this curry. This should be with a very little gravy. But thick and creamy.

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