Milk Rice / Kiribath

Milk rice is one of the famous rice dishes served in Sri Lanka. Its served for special occasions or as a  breakfast dish. Rice is cooked  until its well cooked with coconut milk and pressed and cut into pieces and served with spicy salad. One called Lunu Miris. The other is Katta Sambol.

I am cooking for four people here. So I used 4 cups (I mean rice cooker cups) of rice with 8 cups of water. Wash the rice well until the water is clear. I used medium grain rice.  It cooks well and sticks well too.
For every one cup of rice I added 2 cups of water.
I am using 750ml very thick coconut milk. The more the coconut milk more the taste. You can use coconut milk powder or canned or fresh coconut milk too. Fresh coconut milk is the best.
Cook the rice until almost dry on a medium low heat. When then at last stage make the flame to very low. It helps all the grains to cook well.
When ready add the coconut milk into the rice reduce heat .
Add enough salt too.
Mix all together once.
Cover the lid with one side open. If not all the coconut milk will spill over.
After absorbing all the coconut milk the rice will look like this. A bit mushy. Thats how we want.
Put the rice ion to a plate or in to a tray and press down well.
I use a piece of foil to press the milk rice.In Sri Lanka we used banana leaves.
After press the sides and make a circle. The height should be like 2 inches at least.
Then I used a baking paper to give it a beautiful finish. I did the same way described above with the baking paper.
After shape to get the final finish.
This is how it looks like after. The final look should be like this.
Cut the milk rice as you wish.
Normally in Sri Lanka, still they cut the milk rice this.
You can use a moulds to press the milk rice . Kids will love it.
Serve with Lunu miris or Katta Sambol.

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