Pani Appa/ Hoppers with treacle

I made these Pani Appa for my niece who requested me to make them for her. They really enjoyed them. Its really simple and easy make and waiting time is less when add yeast and leave in a  warm place. it activates quickly. You can use jaggery, treacle or brown sugar.

I am using Kithul palm treacle only with 1/2 tsp salt, enough salt to your taste, and just a pinch of baking soda or Appa soda.  You can totally omit baking soda from the recipe…. Instead of using treacle you can always use brown sugar. Add brown sugar to your taste. I added 1 cup treacle to 500g flour.
You need 500g fine rice flour with enough coconut milk to make the batter.
Add all the ingredients except coconut milk and mix well.
After add the coconut milk in to it. Always use the very thick coconut milk. Add enough and mix well. Leave in a warm oven or near a stove about 40 minutes.
After check salt and add salt.
Put a hopper pan on the stove and add a drop of oil. (I always use sesame oil) Sesame oil helps to release the hopper out from the pan easily.
Use clean cloth or a paper towel and wipe the oil. Use that for wiping the hopper pan every time you take a hopper out.
After add a spoonful of the batter in to the hot pan.
Turn the pan in a circular motion to make a hopper.
After cover with a lid.
After a minute or two it is well cooked.
Fold the hopper in half or you can serve in full too.
Serve hot.



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