Plain Pittu

Pittu is made of rice flour and grated fresh coconut. My grandmother used to make them for us all the time with different flavour and they were so soft and creamy. After making the Pittu she pour thick fresh coconut milk over the pittu when it is boiling hot. So it gives a  nice extra creaminess to it as well as it soften it and stop drying out. So I did the plain pittu the same way she did it and all my family loves it a lot.

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This recipe will serve four people. To make pittu you will need 2-3 cups of roasted white rice flour, salt to your taste, cold water  and about 1 cup of freshly grated coconut. (If you are living overseas  use desiccated coconut with water in microwave to make like fresh coconut)
I use to cook pittu in a mould like this. If not you can use the steaming tray with a baking paper on.  Put water in to the pot and let the water boil.
Add the rice flour and coconut with salt in to a bowl and mix well.
In to that add water a bit by bit and crumble it like this. make sure not to make big balls.
It should look like this.
Fill the mould with Pittu flour.
When the water start boiling put the top part on. If you find the steam comes out from the neck of the pot insert a barbecue stick or something similar to let the hot steam comes up. If not it will not cook properly.
After check the top to to see whether its cooked. It will take like 5-8 minutes. After push the pittu with the back of a spoon.
So it will start coming out from the front.
Put it on to a plate or a tray.
Pour about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup fresh coconut milk on it. Serve with Katta Sambol or a curry.
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