Potato Filling for Masala Dosa

Who will say no to Dosa with the potato filling.  This way it tastes much better than the shop bought.  I already have done two types of dosa and I will link here Paper Dosa.

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Cut several green chillies finely with some coriander leaves. I used some bay leaves. But you can get the same taste out from Rampe (pandan leaves) Cut 2-3 large onions in to fine slices.

Boil s and peel some potatoes and Cut in to small chunks. ( Make sure not to over cook the potatoes)

I used 1 table spoon mustard seeds and a table spoon full cumin seeds. (Always you can adjust the spices to your taste. Add some oil in to a pan and leave to be hot and add mustard and the cumin seeds. Leave to splutter.

Add the potatoes in to it and mix well and fry potatoes in oil about a minute.

Keep prepared a table spoon full coriander powder and 1/2 tsp turmeric powder. Add the onions and chillies on to the potatoes.

Add the prepared spices on to the potato and onion mix and  and cook well and finish off adding the chopped coriander leaves and a teaspoon of lime or lemon juice.

Mix well and serve on a dosa. 

Serve hot. To serve roll the dosa or fold it over. Enjoy!

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