Pumpkin (Dark )Curry/ Kalupol

Pumpkin can be cooked in different ways.Pumpkin Kalupol is a very popular dish in Sri Lanka. When you want to cook this curry make sure to buy the fresh and very bright in colour piece of pumpkin. It comes out nice and fluffy when cooked. If you buy pale colour pumpkins the curry is not good at all.


This recipe is for 500g Pumpkin. Always select the fresh looking pumpkin with a very bright colour.



Cut the pumpkin in to pieces. Make sure cut them to medium size pieces . It cooks quickly and the spices get coat with all the pieces and tastes much better.


I used several cloves of garlic, 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds, 2 inches cinnamon, one medium onion sliced, Green chillies sliced, curry leaves and Rampe (Pandan Leaves)



I added Dark roasted curry powder. I called it kalu kudu. (I will do step by step guide soon .) After add one and a half cups of water and , mix well and put on the stove. covered.


Add a cup of Thick coconut milk in to it when it is cooked.


Keep cooking few more minutes.


Prepare roasted 1 table spoon rice with two table spoon coconut well roasted until golden brown. ( when you roast make sure to roast rice first and when its golden add the coconut) AFTER MAKE A POWDER OUT OF IT.


Add the prepared  coconut rice and coconut powder in to the pumpkin.


Mix well. It thickens quickly. So take it out. If you like gravy add a bit of water or coconut milk.


This is the final out come. It tastes nice with plain rice.

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