Sambar/ Mixed vegetable curry for dosa.

Sambar  is a mixed vegetable curry that serves with dosa. I changed the recipe is a bit and added a bit of Sri Lankan taste it.  It tastes awesome and I thought of sharing it with my Sri Lankan Friends.

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Add some oil in to a pan  and add garlic , mustard seeds, and some cinnamon.
Later add onions , chillies and curry leaves. ( I bought a packet of frozen vegetable mix from an Indian super market and it had curry leaves in it.)
Enter a captionThese are the vegetables, several pieces of drumsticks, carrot , (You can use pumpkin instead.) okra, tomato, and egg plants. I stir fried it several minutes.
After add some Sri Lankan curry powder, turmeric powder , salt and chillie powder.
I added 1/2 cup of washed lentils (Dhal) in to it too.
When it is well cooked I added 1/2 cup of thick coconut milk too.
It was so tasty and I served with crispy dosa.
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