Snake Gourd (Pathola) Curry

Snake gourd or Pathola as we call is a common vegetable in Sri Lanka and some Asian countries but not all over the world.  When we were sick we knew that we are going to get this curry for sure to it health benefits. As this is a low calorie vegetable it helps to digest food and  helped to reduce the dehydration.

When you cook this with thick coconut milk it gives a nice creaminess to this curry. Normally snake gourd is cooked as a white curry.

This recipe is for about 250g Snake Gourd. If you are vegetarian or a vegan please omit Maldive fish flakes. Cut one small size onion in to slices, slice one to two green chillies, several sprigs of curry leavesCinnamon and Panda leaves (Rampe)1/2 Tsp Fenugreek seeds , 1/2 tsp curry powder and 1/4 Tsp Turmeric powder.
Cut the snake gourd in to the way you like. Here I am using frozen ones.
Add all the spices and herbs on to the snake gourd and mix really well. Add enough salt and mix it again. This way it looks well.
When you add salt to the snake gourd it gives enough water from the snake gourd to cook. Cook one minute with out any water.
After add one cup of very thick coconut milk in to it. Cook on a low flame. Make sure not to over cook. If you over cook it goes mushy. Then the vegetable looses the colour as well as the shape.
I normally don’t leave much gravy when I cook the snake gourd. 
Serve with plain rice.
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