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Sri Lankan cuisine is a mixture of all the nationalities who invaded Sri Lanka. From mild to hot curries and sweet beautiful desserts are always serve with lots of love. Thats the difference. The authentic aromatic spices makes every dish so colourful and tasty. Learn to make beautiful Sri Lankan dishes with the step by step guide.


  1. Boiled Carrot Curry
  2. Beet Root Curry
  3. Cashew Curry
  4. Chicken curry with out coconut milk
  5. Cabbage curry
  6. Curried Egg Sandwich
  7. Canned Mackerel Toasties
  8. Dried Sprats with potatoes
  9. Dried Sprats Stir fry with Leeks
  10. Gotukola / Pennywort Salad
  11. Gotukola Kanda /Porridge
  12. Gotokola / Pennywort Mallum
  13. Gotukola curry
  14. Green Beans curry
  15. Green Beans Stir Fry
  16. Helapa
  17. How to select, clean and cut a cabbage
  18. Mushroom Stir Fry
  19. Stir Fried  Beetroot leaves
  20.  Sausages..Stir fried Sausages
  21. White Egg Curry/ (Biththara Kiri Hodi.)
  22.  Red Pork Curry
  23. How to Clean the leeks.
  24. Rhubarb and Potato Curry
  25. Sago With Coconut milk
  26. Fried Eggplant Salad
  27. Sri Lankan Okra Curry
  28. Vegetable Fried Rice
  29. White Potato Curry
  30. Yellow Rice
  31. Deep Fried Spicy Sprats
  32. Thai Eggplant Curry (Thalanabatu )
  33. How to make thin pan cakes
  34. Egg and chive pancakes
  35. Spanish Mackerel (Thora Maalu) White Curry.
  36. Stir Fried Fresh Sardines (Hurullo Baduma)
  37. Baby Jackfruit Curry (Polos Maaluwa)
  38. Black Pork Curry
  39. Deep Fried Spanish Mackerel / Seer Fish (Thora maalu Baduma)
  40. Pumpkin Mustard Curry (Wattakka aba curry)
  41. Red Fish Curry ( Maalu Mirisata)
  42. Radish with spicy coconut. (Raabu Mallum)
  43. Devilled Tuna
  44. Pumpkin Dark Curry (Kalu Pol)
  45.  Baked Fish Pasties / Patties/ 
  46. Dried Sprats Curry
  47. Broccoli with Coconut / Broccoli Mallum
  48. Canned Mackerel red curry.  Mackerel Mirisata.
  49. Stir Fried Spicy Pineapple
  50. Snake Gourd (Pathola) Curry

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