Stir Fried dried Prawns with Snake Beans

Vegetables are always better when combined with another vegetable or even combined with a dried fish. Snake beans are always nice when stir fried by itself or even with dried fish. I used these dried shrimp with snake beans and all at home loved it.  Instead of prawns try using dried sprats or even dried fish.

This recipe will serve 6 people or even more,

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I used about 75 g Dried  shrimp washed thoroughly after soaking few minutes. Wash and clean the snake beans and cut or break in to 2-3 inch pieces.

Prepare about a teaspoon full chilli flakes, one onion finely sliced with green chillies and some curry leaves, Meanwhile add about a table spoon full oil in to  a pan and leave it to be hot.

Add the shrimp in to the hot oil and stir fry well and add salt and the chilli flakes and cook until crunchy.

After stir frying the shrimp about 3-4 minutes add the onions, chilli and curry leaves. Stir fry about a minute until the onions are translucent.

After add the snake beans and sir fry well about 5 minutes.

Make sure to cook until its soft. If you over cook the colours will disappear.  Serve hot with rice.

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