Marbled Butter Cake

This marbled butter cake is the simplest butter cake you can try in few minutes. For a sudden visit of a guest or a colour full birthday cake try this recipe. The resultsĀ  are guaranteed 100%.

I did this small cake for a friend who visited us recently. They all loved the cake a lot. The texture is really moist and soft. You can freeze this cake for several months. Cut the cake in to portions you like to serve and freeze them in individual bags for easy thawing. It stays in fridge several days or about one week and will stay out side about 3 -4 days.

The left overs of this cake can be served with cream or ice cream or even a s a dessert. Kids will love the texture, taste and also the colours of this if you use this as a birthday cake. You can also do mini loaves for a FETE or even for school fundraisers.





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