Prawns Topped Lentil Patties (Isso Wade)

If you ever have walked along  Galle Face  the famous beach front in Colombo Sri Lanka You know what I am going to talk about.Its not only popular for the beach front, but also for the lovely food that you can have. These lentil patties are one of them. It’s called “Isso wade” which means the prawns topped lentil patties.

Every time I go to Sri Lanka I go with my family and friends for a good rest , and for the lovely food too.????When you enter Galle Face  you can smell all the lovely food. Not only Isso wade you can go for more street food which serve piping  hot. To my knowledge if you love street food this is  the best place in Sri Lanka  to visit.

Sitting on a stair, while enjoying  the sea breeze nothing is better than an hot and spicy  Isso wade. They normally serve it with a spicy sauce with a blend of chilli, lime juice and and few other stuff. Personally I like these lentil patties by itself. Its a choice to get the sauce or not.

.The patties I made are a bit mild in flavour , but always you can spice it up if you love a lot of chillies.

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This recipe will serve 6 -8 People.

Take two cups of split chick peas (Kadala Parippu) and soak them over night or more than six hours. I got 250 g of these beautiful school prawns  (Tiny Prawns) . Don’t buy the large prawns for this.

Cut some fresh chillies , onions, and curry leaves finely. I used 6 large bird eye chillies (Kochchi) and one large onion and about 3 sprigs of curry leaves. Put the soaked split chick peas in a food processor and process until fine,but there should be pieces too.

After Put the mixture in to a bowl and  add the onion, chillies and curry leaves with enough salt to the taste.  Mix it well. After make small balls out from the mix.

Put the lentil ball on the palm and press to make a pattie like shown in  the picture. The size of the pattie should be to the size of the prawn.

Put about half a cup of flour in to a bowl and add some salt. Add about 3/4 cup of water and mix well and make a paste. The paste should be very thick.

On to the pattie add a tea spoon full of the paste  and spread it evenly. Lay the prawns on the pattie as shown in the picture.

The pattern of laying should be to the same way.

Put a pan of oil on the stove. Let oil heat well. After add the patties  and fry until golden brown. Drain on paper towels before serving.

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