Home Made Sushi (Step by Step)

Sushi is an easy to make but very expensive to buy healthy meal or can be used as a snack. One piece of sushi cost over $2.50. But When you make it your self You can make a lot for that money. Its all about the labour cost.

When I have time I make a big batch of sushi and leave in fridge for snacking. The kids finish it very soon any way. When you do the Sushi at home you can put any filling to your liking. This is a guide for making sushi at home.

This recipe is for 500g sushi rice. To Make sushi you need Sushi rice ( For a cheaper option you can always get medium grain rice) Sushi seasoning. Always cook the rice according to the packet instructions. After cooking Add sushi seasoning and leave to cool in a bowl. I use a small fan to cool it soon. When cooking rice add a bit of salt too.

I used Tuna as a filling. I used 1 medium size can of tuna. In to that I added Aioli. You can use mayonnaise or any other creamy sauce to your liking. Tartar sauce will be nicer too.So drain the tuna well and add sauce, pepper . Mix really well. You can add anything you like to make much tastier. ????

I used red capsicum, carrots and celery as vegetables. scrambled eggs with out milk. (Just add butter and scramble the eggs). Avocado too. The creamier and rich taste of avocado gives sushi a very nice flavour too.

You need Yaki NoriSheets (Made of sea weed) , a bamboo mat or a mould like what I used. ( 2nd picture) . Those moulds are available online. Bamboo mat is the cheaper option. You can buy a mat from supermarkets or Asian style super markets. Even the seaweed sheets are available in those.

When the rice is ready lay the bamboo mat and then put the nori sheets on top. Spread the rice using a spatula or wet fingers. If you are using the mould put rice to both sides and then use the stick init to make a hole to spread vegetables.

If you are using the mats follow these few steps.

  • Spread rice on the seaweed sheet.
  • Add your filling to the corner closer to you.
  • Fold the mat with the filling to the end.
  • You will get a roll like the third picture as the end results.

If you are using the mould

  • Add rice first.
  • Then press the middle using wet fingers to make a gap.
  • Put the filling in and clip and lock. Press well with the given handle.

If you are using the mould the final out come is like this like in first picture.  Cut the sushi rolls to the size you like and serve with soy sauce.

Kids will love to have them in their lunch box for sure. Enjoy!

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