Tempered Potatoes / Ala Baduma

Tempered Potatoes can be called as pan fried too. I love this dish than the  other version with boiled potatoes. This is really good for lunch parcels or even for filling bread. I prefer Desiree (Red skinned ) potatoes for this dish. Those potatoes hold the shape after cooking with crushing when you stir. And also try using coconut oil for this to get the real Sri Lankan flavours.

This is about 400 g Desiree potatoes. This will serve 6-8 People. Buy fresh potatoes all the time. Peel the potatoes and wash them thoroughly.

Slice the potatoes as thin as you can for easy cooking. Prepare 1-2 onions sliced, several green chillies , curry leaves and about 3 inches cinnamon.

I used about 1 tsp chilli powder, and 1/4 tsp turmeric powder. . You can always adjust the spices accordingly. 1 Table spoon full Maldive fish flakes will give extra flavour to this dish. Add about a table spoon or two coconut oil in to a pan.

Add the onions, curry leaves and cinnamon in to the oil when it is very hot. Stir fry really well.

After add all the other spices with enough salt in to it. Later add the cut potatoes and stir well.

Cook until the potatoes are well cooked and take off the stove. Serve with rice or flat breads or use as a stuffing for bread.

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