Walithalapa – How to Make

Walithalapa is a sweet made of Pittu. Its really easy and simple to make. Once you have made the pittu you can boil the treacle and make the Walithalapa. To get the recipe  for Pittu Click here….


All you need is Kithul treacle and pittu and some cardamon powder.

Heat 1/2 a bottle of Kithul treacle and bring it to boil.Make sure to stir time until becomes thick.

When it comes to the right consistency , when you pour the treacle it will become a continuous flow. Will like the one in the second picture.

After add the pittu little by little. Stir the pittu in to the treacle.

Do not add the pittu at once. Make sure to keep extra with you all the time.

Keep on Stirring and adding more pittu until it reaches the right consistency. Add cardamon powder.

The consistency should be like in the first  picture. After put that in to a tray.

Using a spatula or a spoon or baking paper or a banana leaf press well. Leave it to cool down. Cut in to slices and serve with a plain cup of tea.

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